ZACUTO DSLR Baseplate Top plate

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DSLR Baseplate Top Plate
  • Die DSLR Baseplate wird benötigt um eine DSLR an einem Zacuto Rig, wie zb. der DSLR Baseplate, zu montieren.

    You can leave this plate on your camera or large lens with a screw hole (like a 70-200) and quickly move from camera to camera or lens by quick releasing the plate from the rest of the DSLR Baseplate using the red knob. This plate is not the same as the Gorilla Plate. This plate does not have a 15mm hole on the bottom. 

    • Montage für DSLRs am Rig
    • Inkl. 3 Stativgewinde an der Unterseite
    • Leicht und stabil
    • Klein und kompakt