ZACUTO Axis Mini

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    The Zacuto Axis Mini is an adjustable ENG-style mount for rosette-mounted EVFs. It enables full 360° motion with four adjustment points. Designed to attach to the top of your camera set up, it leaves sufficient room at the lens area for focusing and will work even with the wider lenses. It can easily be adjusted with one hand while the rig is on your shoulder. It offers extensive articulation for use with a variety of cameras, both shoulder mounted in a Next Generation Recoil or tripod-mount. It is very compact and quick to attach and remove.

    The Axis Mini attaches to your rig via an optional 15mm rod port, positioned perpendicular to your camera lens. Just slide it into the rod port and clamp it into place. Zacuto offers three compatible rod ports, not included: the Recoil Handle, C100 Cheese Lock, or Z-Rail Z-Lock. Attachment to an EVF is via a secure rosette mount.

    The Axis Mini has three red tension levers that are controlled independently with 360° motion. Release all three levers to completely reposition the mount or release just one to make single segment adjustments. You can dial in the exact amount of tension needed at each lever to adjust on the fly.