METABONES Adapter Canon EF-BlackMagic Cinema Speed Booster

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Adapter Canon EF-BlackMagic C.
  • Canon EF to BMCC mount T Speed BoosterTM  adapters designed exclusively for the Blackmagic 2.5k Cinema Camera (BMCC). Note that the new Speed Boosters will only attach to Blackmagic cameras equipped with a Micro-4/3 mount.  They cannot be attached to standard Micro 4/3 cameras.

    • Increase maximum aperture by 11/3 stop. (with a maximum output aperture of f/0.80)
    • Increase MTF.
    • Makes lens 0.64x wider.
    • Optics designed by Caldwell Photographic in the USA (patent pending).
    • When using with "passive" (without electronic control pin) MFT camcorders/cameras, such as BMCC 2.5K MFT and Digital Bolex D16 MFT, the Speed Booster must be powered by external power source via Micro-USB socket. Input Voltage is 5V DC. (Battery is NOT included in the box).
    • When using with "active" (with electronic control pin) MFT camcordrs/cameras, such as BMPCC MFT, the Speed Booster can be powered by
    • camera body. no external power source required.
    • Build-in electonics to control lens aperture.
    • The Lens aperture is set by the dial button on the adapter.
    • High performance 32-bit processor and efficient switched-mode power supply.
    • The tripod foot is detachable and compatible with Arca Swiss, Markins, Photo Clam ball heads.
    • Flocking material coating inside the inner hole to reduce the internal reflection.