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    Do you need a compact travel tripod that can also provide you with the equipment support you need out in the field? The Swarovski Optik Travel CT Travel Tripod is the perfect lightweight tripod (3.1 lb, 1.4 kg) solution that can easily be carried in your luggage or gear bag, since it folds down to only 19.7" (50 cm). Designed for frequent and intensive use usually required for outdoor sporting, it comes with the DH 101 Tripod Head which together provide secure and stable support for your spotting scope, digiscope, or rifle scope. The CT Travel and DH 101 reach a working height of 71.6" (181.9 cm) and will provide you with a stable base for your equipment even under extreme weather conditions.

    The DH 101 features Swarovski's Fast Mount System (FMS) for getting your scope on and off the tripod head easily with just one hand and both axes can be set with a single movement. It has a five-tooth locking system which prevents upward or lateral displacement for considerably less movement after setting and greater stability.

    The integrated leveler aids in positioning and its rubber feet with retractable spikes make this tripod ideal for providing a stable support on any terrain.

    Rugged & Lightweight

    The carbon fiber tripod CT 101 is not only extremely rugged, but with the DH 101 Tripod Head attached it also offers a viewing height of 71.7" (181.9 cm) and weighs just 4.5 lb (2.1 kg).

    Tailored for Frequent and Intensive Use

    A Swarovski Optik spotting scope offers you high optical quality, sophisticated performance, and innovative design. To use all these benefits to their best advantages, it is important that your spotting scope has firm legs to support it and is mounted in a way that allows you to use it quickly and easily. The CT 101 carbon fiber tripod and the DH 101 tripod head are tailored for frequent and intensive use.

    Redesigned Clamping System

    The DH 101 tripod head features a redesigned clamping system with an 85% improvement in rigidity over the previous Swarovski FH 101 tripod head.

    Lightweight & Comfortable to Carry

    In addition to a lightweight and rugged design, the equipment is quick to adjust and comfortable to carry.

    Ergonomic & Comfortable

    A soft and rugged neoprene shoulder pad and carrying strap allows the tripod to be carried comfortably.