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  • Features

    High CRI LEDs
    Solid 5600K Color Temperature
    Bright consistent light
    Beam Angle of 50 degrees
    Baby 5/8 inch/Junior 1 1/8 Combo Pin adaptor with right angle receiver hole
    30 degree angled yoke for unobstructed movement
    Stronger steel tension knobs for locking the light into place
    Single knob control for adjusting color, brightness or DMX
    New LED Readout screen giving you precise adjustments
    AB mount of V-mount battery plates included
    Included barn doors with intensifiers
    Watts equivalent to 900 watts incandescent light
    RE Remote Control allows you to turn on and off the light
    Maximum power draw 150 watts @ 120VAC

    • Light Source 1184 0.06 watt LED's
    • Head Type: Daylight 5600K
    • Lens: 45 degrees
    • Beam Angle: 50 degrees
    • Control/Dimming: Knob Control
    • Build Material: Heavy Duty Resin Plastic
    • Cooling System: Passive Cooling
    • Yoke: Baby 5/8" --Junior 11/8" Combo Pin
    • Fixture Size: 14 x 14 x 3"
    • Fixture Weight: 6 lbs
  • RW10  alternative