OLYMPUS CBG-12 Systemkamerarucksack

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    CBG‑12 Camera Backpack

    Do you want to make a photography expedition, or do you just need a bag to store all your equipment safe and quickly accessible? Then the OLYMPUS Camera Backpack CBG‑12 is all you need! It has the solid build and the same premium high quality materials you are used to from the OM‑D series.

    A lot of effort has been put into the design of this backpack to minimize the load on your body when being carried for long periods of time. The well‑padded shoulder belt and the waist belt are adjustable to fit your individual size, while the chest strap prevents misalignment and ensure a pleasant‑to‑wear sensation. The waist belt is equipped with a mesh pocket for storing a smartphone.
    The OLYMPUS CBG‑12 is a highly functional camera backpack with enough room for all your photography equipment, featuring fully customizable compartments. It has plenty of zippered pockets and straps to secure all of your camera equipment. You can easily store two E‑M1 Mark II’s with HLD‑9’ and PRO lenses 12‑40mm 1:2.8, 40‑150mm 1:2.8, 7‑14mm 1:2.8, securely protected by the extra padded inner segmentation. The side opening pocket allows you to access your camera quick, with no need to take off the backpack, so that you never miss a shot! The bag is equipped with 3 straps, meaning you can secure a tripod of any size. Two outside pockets perfectly fit extra equipment like a drinking bottle, a collapsible umbrella, or even a small and waterproof Binocular. If you would like to take along your tablet PC ‑ an further pocket holds it safely in the bag up to A4 size.
    Another nice feature is that the camera bag comes with 2 rain covers. One groundsheet to protect the backpack from getting dirty when putting it down outside and one additional rain cover to keep your beloved equipment dry! Additional sub cases can be attached to the waist belt extending the storage space. The additional available camera case The CS‑42SF, CS‑44SF, or CBG‑10 matches the design and can also be attached to the CBG‑12.


    Excellent storage capacity for all the equipment needed for a professional shooting
    Full protection of your precious equipment
    Fully customizable to match your needs
    Size that can be carried on aircraft
    Designed with the OLYMPUS OM‑D stainless mount as an emblem