MANFROTTO 468MGQ6 Hydrostatic Ball Head

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    • Unique hydraulic locking mechanism allows strong lock effortless
    • Friction control allows accurate use with heavy gear
    • The magnesium body ensures payload performance and lightness
    • Leveling bubbles for precise framing
    • Top lock quick release system, Arca-Swiss compatible

    The 468MG Hydrostatic Ball head is designed to meet the demands of professional photographers; its unique hydraulic locking mechanism provides an incredibly strong lock from minimal operator effort, in a very compact head.
    Suitable for heavy camera equipment, this version of the 468MG is fitted with the new Q6 Top Lock quick release system, developed to offer photographers a fast, easy to use and very secure camera quick release mechanism suitable for heavy pro equipment. The camera plate clicks into the clamp from above, and as soon as it engages, it triggers a safety pin that stops the plate and camera from sliding out accidentally. Even before the clamp is locked, the camera is securely supported. The clamp has 3 bubble spirit levels (one for each axis of rotation) to facilitate precise framing and help produce straight images in-camera, ensuring the camera's full frame is usable and reducing post-production time. The Q6 system is also compatible with Arca-style quick release plates and heads from other manufacturers.


    0.722 kg

    Top Attachment
    1/4″ screw

    Safety Payload Weight
    16 kg

    Base Type
    35 mm

    Ball Locking